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Namy Oumy
NEWS FLASH // Corporate


Artiste : SAAD

Duration : 4'22'

Director : Ismaël.Boutaour

DOP : Ismaël.Boutaour & Marco Vierra

Composed by : M-Key



Namy Oumy
NEWS FLASH // Corporate

Title : IOM (International Organisation for Migration)

Duration : 2 x 2'26"

Director : Robin Shuffield

Graphic Designer : A.Beurms

Music Composed by : M-Key

Client : IOM (International Organisation for Migration)

Language version : Arab - Tygrinia

Objective : Empower and inform (relocated) asylum-seekers, TCNs and refugees to access the labor market in Luxembourg. Manage audience’s expectations regarding labor market integration (challenges, difficulties).



Namy Oumy
NEWS FLASH // Corporate

Title : Caritas

Duration : 9x3'x 2 LV

Director : R.Shuffield

Graphic designer  : A.Beurms

Music & sound design by : M-Key

Client : Caritas International

Language version : French - Flemish




Title : "Life of Mannekenpis" 

Creative Director : Ismaël.Boutaour

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NEWS FLASH // Corporate

Title : Windfarm

Duration : 52'

Director : Ismaël.Boutaour

DOP : Ismaël.Boutaour

Composed by : M-Key

Client : Windvision / CME 

APPEL D'OFFRE : 2098-2345



NEWS FLASH // Advertising

Title : Food security

Duration : 30"

Director : Ismaël.Boutaour

DOP : -

Music composed by : M-Key

Client : Cartitas International



NEWS FLASH // Documentary


Title : Artisants de père en fils

Duration : 52'

Director : Ismaël.Boutaour

DOP : Ismaël Boutaour

Broadcast : 2M 

Production exécutive : Adam's prod

Client : BI-One-production propre


NEWS FLASH // Series /Documentary


Title : L'art marocain dans tout ses états

Duration : 12 x 6'

Director : Ismaël.Boutaour

DOP : Ismaêl.Boutaour

Broadcast : 2M - Medi 1


NEWS FLASH // Corporate


Elegance, talents, emotions and a lot of positive effects. The first Diwan Awards have lived up to their promises. The awards under the sign of recognition had long been a dream until he was effective reality. For the first time we 'dare' to speak of the Belgians of foreign origin, in this case of Moroccan descent, by making reference to the laureates see how great the love of this group of citizens to their homeland or new homeland. The country also where they give so often the best of their talents, intelligence and personality...

NEWS FLASH // Corporate
GIRP is the umbrella organization of pharmaceutical full-line wholesalers in Europe. It represents the national associations of over 750 pharmaceutical.......
Client  : GIRP

Title : 

Duration : 3'

Director : Robin Shuffield

DOP : Francois Schmitt