Our Latest projects 2019
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Client : AESGP

Duration : 2'45"

Type : motion design

Association of the European Self-Medication Industry


Client : IOM 

Duration : 3'

International organisation for migration,

BI-ONE a division of SCRIPTOR BVBA was created to provide tailor made audiovisual products and to imagine TV & WEB concepts. It allies professionalism and creativity in a world where both are inseparable. 


Whether looking at informative, promotional or artistic products, BI-ONE, sets up the most appropriate teams of executive producers, creative staff, journalists, directors and technicians. It also provides the most suitable material at competitive prices. 

BI-ONE also helps you out in finding financial solutions to achieve and distribute your audiovisual or WEB projects. For broadcast on TV, Movie theaters, Internet or DVD’s, BI-ONE has selected an experienced list of networking partners that allow distribution all over Europe.