Bi-One is a dynamic company run by staff and artists from the sector of Media and Communication.

We are fortunate to also be supported by an executive board made up of key figures in the media and audiovisual industry, including art and movie directors, photographers, music composers, designers and senior managers.

Each team is led by someone who knows what we need to achieve and how their team of talented individuals will help us reach our goals...

For several years, focused on so-called “humanitarian missions”, my involvement and conscience led me to realize and produce movies communicating on human values and what they includes…  Producer, Director, Production Manager and Postproduction (Tv & Cinema), my missions are implementing and monitoring of budgets, relationships with agencies and advertisers, preparation and implementation of filming, creative support directors, supplier management, follow-up to the completion of the movie.

Ismaël Boutaour

Producer / director

Francois Schmitt

Director of photography

Director of photography, Francois is a camera operator experienced in extreme conditions, specialized in altitude shooting (S16mm and 35mm), company founder of Experience in Brussels, producer and art director of extreme sports movies, advertising, corporate, short film and documentary.

Robin Shuffield

Movie Director

R. Shuffield is a French documentary and corporate filmmaker, mainly devoted to Africa, Asia and developing countries. While continuing to work as a videojournalist for Agencies (Reuters, Africa Journal,…), he has recieved prizes for acclaimed films as Ymako, The Orchard and Thomas Sankara: The Upright Man. He is also the author of teaching tools for EuropeAid, the European Agency for Development Cooperation, Caritas International, WHO,…He’s also known for some TV Ads and music videos, in Africa and Europe. 

Allan Beurms

Motion design / creative director

Chris Weiner