Corporate movies have become an essential tool for Business communication strategy. While addressing staff, shareholders or customers it is essential to understand the company’s essence and philosophy, and project them trough the movie. Our method of working and conceptualising the film is to start with a journalistic approach in setting out the key-elements before processing through creatives in order to deliver the right message in the most impacting way. 

Making institutional films means understanding what an institution is, what its constraints are in terms of communication and finding a balance in portraying a message to the target chosen using the appropriate tone. 


Broadcasting real stories on different themes, different countries, and different people constitutes the base of documentary production.

BI-ONE lists experienced journalists, directors specialized in this type of audiovisual tool. It also offers logistical and diplomatic support to work in remote and difficult places to access, geographically or politically. BI-ONE collaborates with TV networks to Broadcast these documentaries and bring the story in people's home. 



Advertising is a very specific area. It is about selling a product. It requires specific directors, specific technicians and specific material.

BI-ONE is experienced to provide the best team to transmit the message to the final consumer. 


Nowadays one of the most complicated parts of a movie is to find financial solutions to give life to a story. International co-productions are most often the key.

BI-ONE offers financial and logistical solutions to make the dream become a reality. Moreover, short movies are great way to discover talents. In its less commercial approach, BI-ONE positions itself as to help these talents to take off. When talents appear, BI-ONE will try to find the necessary support to get a story on to the screen... and a talent on the scene! 


Music videos are tailor made to music or stories and are usually very short. Clips tell the tale in a way such as footage is edited on a very rhythmic pace. BI-ONE has experience in getting a message through in a short and intensive time. 


Audiovisual and web are evolving together and are merging in becoming one specific communication tool. Communicating through the Web uses different parameters and criteria to television or other supports. BI-ONE provides the necessary balance of these criteria's and parameters by allowing a great and evident synergy. 


Concerts, fashion shows, seminars and conferences need specific teams and material to catch the essence of what is going on. BI-ONE has a database of tailor made teams to answer this kind of request. 


The interview is the supreme tool to obtain information, to expand on information we may have from other sources, to clarify facts and see things from different perspectives.


Accurate preparation, active listening, selected place and perfect moment are the keys used by Bi-One for successful interviews.


Not only used to expand upon the basic “who, what, where, how, when and why” of newsgathering. This is true whatever the subject covered: health, economics, politics, environmental concerns,… the interview is the way in which the voices of not only experts but also the people most affected by these issues will be heard.